The books and articles below have been influential in my ways of thinking.

Technical Articles

The High Order Maximal Principle and Its Application to Singular Extremals by Krener

On Control Problems with Bounded State Variables by Berkovitz

Lossless Convexification of a Class of Optimal Control Problems with Non-convex Control Constraints by Acikmese and Blackmore

Technical Books

Control Theory for Linear Systems by Trentelman, Stoorvogel, and Hautus

Optimal Control Theory by Berkovitz

Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control Theory by Liberzon

Research Philosophy


Walden by Thoreau

Radical Simplicity by Merkel

Goodbye, Things by Sasaki

Mole Had Everything by Odone

Voluntary Simplicity by Elgin

Stepping Lightly by Burch